The event

SalvaNATURA's birdathon is a fundraiser for its bird monitoring program, in which various teams try to observe as many bird species as possible during a weekend in October. The 2011 birdathon is the 9th edition of this event.

Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October 2011.

Anywhere in El Salvador.

SalvaNATURA is a conservation NGO based in El Salvador.

Conservation of birds starts with knowledge of species composition and of population trends. We simply cannot protect what we don't know. With this in mind, SalvaNATURA set up a bird monitoring project in November 2003 with five bird banding stations at three sites: one in El Imposible National Park, two in Los Volcanes National Park, and two in Montecristo National Park. During monthly visits over the period 2003 - 2009, 117,366 net hours were logged, in which a combined total of 203 bird species were banded. A staggering 18,169 individual captures, of which 4,979 were recaptures, have already provided a wealth of information about the state of birds in these Salvadoran national parks. Right from the start in 2003, the birdathon has been a significant source of funding for the bird monitoring project, and your continued support will ensure that more valuable bird data on resident and migrant species will be collected.

Read here about the 2010 edition of the birdathon. Some very cool birds were observed, including a new species for the country!